Our history is born from respect for the environment

We live in a fragile and complex habitat which is modified by our every gesture. We need to know actions and reactions to improve our coexistence with the environment around us.

Activities and the profession of each of us have led us to study the environment, landscape, agricultural and forest ecosystem, natural, artificial, public and private green areas, urban spaces, sustainable mobility, the efficient use of energy and renewable sources and resource recovery.

In thirty years, we designed the environment around us, we developed systems and structures to retrieve and produce renewable energies; we managed companies and we took on responsibilities in the public administration of the land, we have thought about future and improved the environment.

Our services include:

  • designing and organization of facilities for separate collection of urban waste for municipalities, provinces and companies in the sector;
  • designing the landscape, green areas, public and private gardens and parks for environmental restoration of landfills and quarries;
  • designing systems for domestic production of heat and electricity with small solar installations;
  • designing systems for more cycling and bike paths;
  • training, forming and communicating with citizens and experts for news about the environment and in particular on systems for urban waste.